Welcome! Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is all about creating your own stories!

Craft any scenario you can imagine using all characters, fashions, decorations and unique locations in Dreamhouse and around the game's world.

If your children are very young, we encourage you to accompany them as they learn about the game. Ask them questions about what they are doing and what they think the characters are experiencing, and lead your child to discover on their own.

Most common interactions in the game can be triggered by tapping or dragging something on-screen. Don't be afraid: there are no failure scenarios, just fun! Experiment away. Surprises are hidden everywhere!


Players can access all major areas of the game at  any moment.

In most areas, simply open your phone in the lower-right corner of the screen and open the Map app! Many amazing locations are available to visit: the Dreamhouse, the Beach, the Hub, Nail Spa and more! When inside a location, swipe the screen left or right to look around. You can hold a character or object near the edge of the screen to move in that direction.

Throughout the world, look out for for points of interaction sporting the color pink! Doors with pink buttons allow you to visit places on the other side. Placing a character on a pink mat in front of a door will bring you along to the new location with them. And in in the Dreamhouse, the elevator allows you to visit different floors. 


The entire cast of characters is always available when the Character button appears in the lower-left corner of the screen. Tap on the Character button to open the Character Tray, where all available characters be viewed. Characters can be tapped on or dragged from the Character Tray to be added to any room. Some characters are unavailable for play. Only VIP Club Members have access to all characters.

To customize the appearance of any character placed in a room, tap on them and follow-up by tapping on the Customization button appearing above their head. The Customization menu will open!

On this screen, you can edit the selected character’s clothing, hairstyles, hair color, and facial appearance. Some customization options are only available to VIP Club Members. To obtain more clothing options, visit the Fashion Store in The Hub. New items added often!


When playing in the Dreamhouse, Wishes will periodically appear over characters' heads. Characters have wants and needs and could use some help from the Player!

To grant a Wish, complete the request made by a character. Wishes ask a variety of tassk from the Player, like making characters meet, hold a certain object, eat a specific food item or dish, or playing in specific locations and activities! 

Granting characters' Wishes rewards the Player with Heart Balloons. Collecting enough Heart Balloons over time will fill up the Heart Meter, leading to small Coin rewards.

Completing Wishes is completely optional and can be ignored if desired.


When in any room of the Dreamhouse, press the Edit Mode button in the lower-left corner to open the Edit Mode ! The Player can  use each tab to customize the Dreamhouse with unique tools and decorations to create a home for them, Barbie and friends.

Apply paint colors, wallpapers or stickers to almost any surface in the Dreamhouse to add a splash of color.  Access all the wondrous decorations to beautify each wall and floor surface. Tap or move each decoration to discover hidden features and learn how to create amazing ambiances.


While the Edit Mode is opened, simply tap and drag anything from a particular tab into the scene to add any object to the Dreamhouse.

To remove any object, drag an object back into the trashcan area in  the lower-left corner of any Edit Mode tab. You can also place items at any time into one many trashcans found inside the Dreamhouse. Any decorations owned will be returned to its respective Edit Mode tab. Specific food or miscellaneous items will be permanently deleted. 

To obtain more decorations, visit the Decoration Store. To get more paint colors and wallpapers, go to the Paint & Wallpaper Store. Both locations available in The Hub. Use Coins to purchase new trendy items for your Dreamhouse. Offerings in stores change daily!


Coins can be exchanged in the game in order to unlock certain items permanently or accessed certain activities. You can purchase new clothing for all characters. Or decide you want to focus on collecting all decorations for the Dreamhouse!

To earn Coins, grant characters’ Wishes to fill the Heart Meter when in the Dreamhouse. Visit the game often to earn Bonus Gifts, which contain Coins.VIP Club Members get more coins in each gift. 

If ever short on Coins, Coins can be purchased directly by tapping the Coin Balance while in special locations or activity that requests Coins.


Become a VIP Club Member and unlock the ultimate Barbie experience!

VIP Club Members instantly gain access to all characters and VIP character customization options. Play all VIP activities in the Dreamhouse and Malibu like the Pool, Nail Salon, Princess Ballroom, Music Mixer, Photobooth, Rock band, Dance Stage and more!

VIP receive improved Bonus Gifts that periodically hand out more Coins, as well as other special surprises!

First-time VIP Club Members receive a one-time gift of Coins when registering for a subscription.