Barbie Dreamhouse is all about creating your own stories and playful experimentation with the Characters, objects, and furniture found around the house. If your children are very young, we encourage you to play with them, ask them questions about what they are doing and what they think the Characters are doing. Most of the objects in the game can be interacted with by tapping them or dragging them around. Try lots of different things, you will find surprises.


To move around the house, simply swipe the screen left or right. Alternatively, you can also hold an item or character near the edge of the screen and it will start panning in the same direction. You can also use the elevator to move across the different floors. Alternatively, by using the Home button, you can return to the Main Menu from which you can just tap on any revealed room to go there directly.


Over time, circles with a colored outline and an icon inside will appear over the Character's heads. These are the Characters' Wishes. They mostly revolve around bringing an item to the Wishing Character or bringing the Character to a specific location in the house so that they can perform the activity they are Wishing for. To get a voice hint of what to do for these Wishes, tap on the circles as they appear. Make sure that your volume is turned on to use the Hints. When you complete a Wish, you will receive a large amount of Hearts (used to unlock new house decorations).


The various Characters can always be found by pressing the Character button in the corner of the screen. If you are ever missing a Character, simply open the tray and drag your Character directly into the room.


By exploring the house and completing Wishes, you can earn Hearts. Then, every time that you fill up the Heart gauge, you will earn a Gift. Open these gifts to receive Decorations for your house.


Whenever you wish to add decorative items to the house, press the Pencil button and then press whichever Icon suits your needs: The Lamp Icon brings up Decorations that you can drop on most flat surfaces. The Frame icon brings up decorations that can be placed on most walls. The Paint Brush icon brings up colors that you can paint on floors, walls and many pieces of furniture. The Paint Roller icon brings up wallpapers that you can also apply to floors, walls and many pieces of furniture.


Note that Gift boxes are included with the pack that you purchase, however, these Gifts will only be unlocked as you keep playing the game after the purchase.


Note that if you have access to an extra Daily Gift, that Gift will be made available every 24 hours when you open the app or return to the Main Menu (House Overview Menu)