Rescue Bots Hero Adventures is a progression based action game where you get to play as the Transformers to perform rescue missions. In order to start the game, you must first press on the yellow Disaster icon. Then, you must select the characters that you want to play with and press the big green play button. You will be brought to an environment map where you can select which character you want to play with first. You can then proceed with playing all of the mini-games to complete an environment. 

If you need help with the controls of the mini-games or the navigation in the app, make sure that your volume is turned up and that Voice-Overs are turned ON in the Settings menu. To access the settings menu, press on the button in the top right corner of the main menu (the button with the letter i inside a gear) You should know that not all the content is free to play. Some missions ask for more than 2 transformers to be played. You may need to buy the extra Bots required for those missions.