How do I play?

Get ready to embark on an amazing journey with all your favorite ponies in Maretime Bay! Complete activities to earn gifts, fill up the Crystal Brighthouse with fun items, and express yourself!

When visiting an outdoor location, tap on a pony on the bottom of the screen to play as them. Switch your pony at any time by tapping on the character button on the bottom left. Play with everypony by becoming a subscriber.

Tap or hold on the screen to move your character around the world and interact with it. Certain items around the world can be dragged or tapped to interact with them directly. 

Certain ponies will have quests for you to complete. Stand on the rainbow circle in front of them to start the quest. Certain quests will require you to use a specific pony.

Travel to any location with the map button on the top left corner of the screen. You can also walk onto rainbow circles within locations to travel between them. Unlock access to more locations by becoming a subscriber.

How do I win gifts?

Collect “Shimmer”, glowy colorful orbs, around the world by exploring the locations and completing quests.

Fill up the shimmer bar on the top right of the screen to win a gift. Tap on the gift to open it!

Gifts will allow you to decorate your Crystal Brighthouse any way you please! 

How can I decorate the Crystal Brighthouse?

Enter the Crystal Brighthouse from the map or the rainbow circle in Maretime Bay. 

Tap the edit button on the bottom left corner of your screen, to open the edit tray. From this tray, you can drag out characters, props, furniture, and paint, to decorate your room any way you want! express yourself and craft any scenario you please! Unlock more decor options by winning gifts and by becoming a subscriber.

To apply paint colors or wallpaper, enter the paint tab and drag any color you please to the walls, floors or furniture.

To remove an object or characters, drag them to the chest area in the lower-left corner of the edit tray.