How do I play?

Tap on the Club Design or Freestyle buttons in the Main Menu to access either game mode to create amazing manicures or pedicures!

How do I earn new items?

You can earn more items for your collection by completing Club Designs. Each time you complete a Club Design, you will earn a gift box that will reward you with new items to use in Freestyle after opening it.

How do I create my own manicures?

Tap on the Freestyle button in the Main Menu to begin creating your own manicure or pedicure designs. In Freestyle, you don't have to follow or copy a specified design, you can create your very own!

How can I see the designs I've created?

Tap on the Album button in the Main Menu to view the most recent manicures and pedicures you have created in Freestyle! Inside the album, you can tap on a design to save it to your own device as an image.

Why can't I do a Club Design?

Available Club Designs will refresh after a set period of time. If the timer is active, you will need to wait the amount of time stated on the timer for one (or multiple) to become available again. If there are no more to complete, consider subscribing to the Hello Kitty Nail Club to unlock the Club Design game mode.

You can tap on the Freestyle button in the Main Menu to create your own manicure designs without needing to wait or being a member of the Hello Kitty Nail Club.