How do I play?

Color images to earn Memory Stars. Use Memory Stars to complete tasks to renovate the Museum of Friendship.

How do I color an image?

Coloring pictures costs Apples, and Apples regenerate over time. 

Tap on the grayed out areas to apply the currently selected color. You can switch colors by tapping on other colors at the bottom of the screen. If you get stuck finding smaller pieces, the magnifying glass on the left side of the screen is there to help you.

How do I complete tasks?

Tap on a green Task Icon to see how many Memory Stars are needed to complete that task. Earn 1 Memory Star for each image you color, spend Memory Stars to complete the tasks.

Can I change the decorations in my museum?

Yes! Anytime you're in the Museum, tap on the Edit button on the bottom left of the screen to change your decorations.

Some decorations can only be applied by subscribers.

Why can't I play?

Apples recharge over time. If you're out of apples, you need to wait for them to replenish (check the timer on the Apple Meter), or consider subscribing to get a max of 10 apples (instead of 5). They refill more quickly so you can play more often!

You can play in the Art Studio without needing any apples.