How can I get stickers and budgers?
When completing activities, the shine you received for playing will go in a meter called the Shine-a-Tron. When that meter is full,
a gift will be awarded to the player. The top left button in the activity menu will then show a gift icon with a glow, tapping this button
will show the gift in Budge World. Tapping on the gift in Budge World will reveal the reward, a budger or a sticker.

Why can't I get anymore gifts?
You can only receive one gift at a time. By returning to Budge World, you can open the latest gift you have received. Opening your gift will reset your Shine-a-Tron and you'll be able to collect more gifts by filling it up again. New rewards, including Budgers and stickers, become available as you unlock and reveal more lands!

Why am I only getting parties?
- When all the gifts from every available land in Budge World have been collected, only parties will be given until a new land is released.
- When all the gifts from your currently unlocked lands have been opened, if you are not connected to a stable WiFi connection, parties will be rewarded until your device is connected again. Lands require to be downloaded to open the gifts associated to them.

How do I change my Budger?
Once you have more than one Budger unlocked, a Budger Button will appear in the bottom left corner of the Budge World screen. Tap this button to access your collection of Budgers! Choose and tap on the new Budger you want to select. Next, press the green check mark button over the left side of the Budger Tray to confirm your selection.

How do I decorate Budge World with the stickers I win?
You can use stickers to decorate all of the different and colorful lands in Budge World! Tap the Sticker icon in the bottom right of the screen to open
your sticker collection. Here you will find stickers with white outlines, which you can use immediately, and gift boxes containing stickers that you can
unlock by playing activities.
To use a sticker, tap and drag it into one of the colorful unlocked lands.
If you want to move a sticker to a new spot, tap and hold the sticker and drag it to the new location.
If you want to remove a sticker, drag it back to the tray.
If you want to resize a sticker, use two fingers pinch or zoom on it.
Press the green check mark button to leave the sticker collection after you have finished arranging your stickers.

P.S. Some stickers animate and react when you tap on them!

How do I get more lands?
You get more lands after receiving all gifts from a land you already own. When you received all gifts associated to the land you own, you will then be able to select another land as part of your next gift reward. Lands must be downloaded by tapping the green selection button under them. Sometimes, a land can be received as additional content. New rewards, including Budgers and stickers, become available as you unlock and reveal more lands!

What is the billboard in the rocky area?
The billboard announces with a countdown when the next content will be available to subscribers. Like more lands, new activities or free gifts!