First press the Solo button featuring Thomas on the Home screen.

Then, you will be able to choose an Engine. Only Thomas is unlocked by default. Other Engines are offered via in-app purchases.

When your choice has been made, press the Green button to confirm.

On the Sodor Map screen, there will be a number of Challengers to race against, each one located at a different Track. Defeating all the Challengers of a sequence will upgrade your Engine card into a better version. By default, only one Challengers will be unlocked at any single time and it will always appear at the Funnel Tunnel location. While previous Challengers will always be available to defeat again, new Challengers will only become available if the other Tracks are purchased.

To start a race against a Challenger, simply press on its portrait icon floating above the island of Sodor.


The Multiplayer Mode is only available if more than 1 Engine is unlocked. If you only have access to Thomas you will need to purchase another Engine in order to gain access to this mode.

To start a Multiplayer Race, first press on the VS button featuring 2 Engines. In the next menu, swipe the cards to scroll through the Character roster and press the Checkmark when your choice has been made press on the Checkmark button to confirm your choices.

Finally, select a Track by swiping the screen to bring forth the Track of your choice, then press the Play button to start the race. Have fun!


All races start with a countdown. During this time, you can repeatedly press on the big button in the bottom corner of the screen to start up your Engine. The further the needle gets on the Speedometer, the faster your Engine will be at the start of the race.

Then, you will need to keep tapping on the big button in order to maintain a high cruising speed.

When the countdown on the smaller button reaches 0, a Special Boost button will appear. Press on that button as soon as possible to trigger your Engine's special ability and gain a massive speed boost.

Do this until you have completed all the laps.

Tip #1: Pace yourself! During Special Abilities, your Acceleration button will disappear to give your fingers a break. Take it!
Tip #2: Use more fingers! You will be able to tap faster if you use more than one finger at a time.


To upgrade your Engine Cards, you will need to win races against Challengers and earn Cog pieces in the single player mode.When you have collected a complete Cogwheel, you will be able to place it in one of 3 Statistics that improve your racing performances.

The Speedometer icon increases the maximum Starting Speed at which your Engine can launch at the beginning of a race.

The Arrow icon increases your Engine's acceleration. The speed at which you can reach your Maximum Speed and how easily you can maintain that speed.

The Special Boost icon depends on your Engine and it increases the length of your Special Boost ability and reduces the Cooldown to use it again.