How do I unlock new train set blocks and pieces?

While in the Main Menu, if you select a Train Set or an empty grid, you're going to enter the Free Play mode. In that mode, you can build anything you want with the pieces that you have available. You can also earn more pieces and Engines by collecting enough Golden Gears to receive a surprise pack. Open the pack to receive the reward. The Golden Gears spawn from time to time while you play freely.

Blueprint construction mode

While in the Main Menu, if you select a Blueprint Booklet, you will enter the Blueprint Construction Mode. This mode plays like a jigsaw puzzle. You can only place the pieces where they belong to build the Train Set that you see on the front cover of the booklet. When the pieces are placed, they are locked into place and can't be removed. However, you can start it over by holding the Bomb Button in the Main Menu. Completing each Blueprint Booklet rewards you with a new Engine Mini. In addition, you can unlock new Blueprint Booklets once you have earned enough pieces in the Free Play mode.

How do I get more content?

You can access the Store via the Main Menu by tapping on one of the many boxes featuring Engines and Train Sets. The large boxes contain 5 Minis + many new pieces for your train sets. The small boxes contain 5 new Minis + a single interactive piece for your train sets. It is important to note that you do not receive all of the pieces or Minis in the box immediately. You will have to unlock some of them over time by collecting Golden Gears or completing Blueprint Booklets.

How do I reset my train sets?

In the Main Menu, by holding the Bomb button long enough, you can reset the Train Set or Blueprint Booklet that you have selected.