How to Play:

You need to use the correct combination of ingredients to fill the customer orders. Tap and drag items to create the correct treat! Once your treat matches their order, drag it to the customer. If you make a mistake, drag your treat to the garbage can and begin again. The quicker you complete the treats, the more stars you will achieve. Remember, you can go back to any area and try to earn more stars!

Gift Boxes and Treasure Chests:

Earn cool new ingredients for your treats and sweet decorations for your ice cream truck! Tap the gift box or treasure chest until the prize appears.

Ice Cream Lab:

In the lab, you can create custom treats using any combination of the ingredients and any machines you have earned. Once you’ve finished making the treat, drag it to the conveyor belt and pull the switch to watch a Berrykin enjoy your treat!

Reset game:

If you wish to restart the game, tap the Reset Game button in the in-app Settings. This will remove all of the ingredients from the ice cream lab and close up all of the gift boxes and treasure chests so you can earn them again!