How to Play: Tap on a postcard and choose a character to style! 

You can use the different hairstyling tools, accessories and colors to fix and change your character’s hair. Drag your finger along the strands of hair to make the changes.

Earning Gifts: Each time you complete a hairstyling challenge you will earn a gift. Keep styling the character’s hair to fill the gift meter or match the image to receive your gift!

Weather Challenge: Use the different hairstyling tools on the character’s messy hair to fill up the gift meter.

Lotion Challenge: Choose the correct combination of hair lotions to recreate the style in the image. Tap or drag the bottles to put them in the styling helmet and tap the green button.Each bottle has a unique effect and can be used more than once.

Freestyle Challenge: Use the different tools, accessories, colors, and lotion tabs to create a hairstyle all your own! Keep styling and updating the character’s hair to fill the gift meter.

Freestyle Mode: Once you have completed the challenges you have unlocked photo mode! Once you have finished a new hairstyle tap the cell phone icon to take a selfie of your character. The selfies will be saved in your scrapbook!

Scrapbook: Change cities by tapping the different tabs at the top of the scrapbook. Swipe left or right to turn the pages. Use the stickers you’ve earned to decorate your city page. Double tap a sticker to duplicate it and pinch to change the size.

Reset Game: If you wish to restart your scrapbook, tap the Reset Game button in the in-app Settings. This will remove all of the stickers and selfies from your scrapbook and close up all of the gift so you can earn them again.