Choose a mission to complete and one of the Mane Six to assist you. During the mission avoid obstacles and collect pony power. The better you do the faster you’ll run and the farther you’ll jump! 

Jumps and Double Jumps:

Tap the screen once to perform a small jump. Use this to reach pony power and avoid mud puddles and small obstacles.

Tap and hold the screen to stay in the air a little longer. Use this to reach even more pony power and to jump over the gaps!

Tap the screen twice to perform a double jump. Use this to avoid large obstacles and to reach new heights!


Mud and puddles will slow you down but gaps and obstacles will take a heart. Make sure to avoid them all. 

As you progress through the game the obstacles will become more difficult to avoid. Upgrading your Rainbow Power will help a lot!

Pony Power:

Collect pony power during your missions. The more you collect the sooner you can upgrade your Rainbow Powers!

Rainbow Powers:

Activate your Rainbow Power by collecting the Pony Power collectable during each run. Rainbow Powers can be upgraded by spending the pony power you have collected on previous missions.

Tap on the Pony Power Upgrade icon to upgrade the Rainbow Powers for your pony.


Your Pony will start every mission with three hearts. Every time you run into an obstacle or fall into a gap you will lose a heart. If you lose all your hearts you will have to start the mission over again. 

Levels of Difficulty:

The farther your mission is from the center of Ponyville the more difficult it will be to complete. Upgrading the Mane Six’s Rainbow Powers is a sure way to increase your chances of success!