How To Play?

The goal of the game is to upgrade the Hideout and earn all the comic books in the collection. To do so, you will play a series of “games” that may appear at various levels of difficulty. All games have a time element to them. Some will need to be completed within a certain amount of time and some require you to survive for a certain amount of time. To start the game click on the play button on the TV in the middle of the Hideout. At the start of each game you have 3 hearts. If you lose a game, you lose 1 heart. Lose 3 and the game ends. If you win a game, you are awarded stars. The more games you win in a row, the faster and harder the game will get, but the more stars you will earn per game. Try to beat your own highscore of stars!

How do I upgrade the Hideout?

To upgrade the Hideout and earn more outfits for the DC Super Hero Girls, you have to unlock the crates in each girl’s rooms. The crate can be unlocked with the stars you earned while playing the game. When you have enough stars to open a crate click on the crate. Ta-da!

How do I get more micro-games/comics?

You earn Comics when you fill the comic bar by playing the game and winning games. Comics represent each game that might show up in your “playlist” when you click play. Collect all the Comic books to unlock all the games. Each character comes with 4 comics, some of which you need to unlock by playing the game. For every character you purchase, you will get 4 new games to play with.