How do I make the puppies happy?

Each puppy has a Happiness Meter where you can see their current mood. Happiness increases when you fulfill puppies' wishes, shown in a "wish bubble" above their heads. You can also increase happiness by playing with toys, dressing them up, feeding them treats, or taking photos.

How do I clean a puppy?

To clean a puppy, choose the grooming tab.

  • You'll need to cover the puppy in shampoo - making sure to cover all the dirt spots.
  • Next, wash off the bubbles using the shower.
  • To finish up, dry the puppy off using the hairdryer.

How do I dress up a puppy?

To dress up a puppy, choose the dress-up tab. Then, tap the accessory or drag it onto the puppy.

How do I take a photo?

To take a photo, choose the photo tab. Then, choose a background and character! To take the photo, tap the camera button.

How do I play with toys?

To play with toys, choose the toy tab. Once you have chosen a fun toy from the tray, follow the instructions specific to that toy.

How do I feed a puppy?

To feed a puppy, choose the treats tab. Once you have chosen a tasty treat from the tray, tapping the treat on the screen will make the puppy eat it up. Make sure not to leave any crumbs!