I can't access the singing contest. What do I do ?

The singing contest uses your device microphone and you'll need to authorize access to it in order to play this minigame!  

Go to your device settings > scroll down to the Showtime icon and tap it > set the microphone toggle to Green!  

How can I play again from the very beginning?

If you want to erase your progress and start again, go to the application settings and press the button marked: reset the game. Please note that this will return the pet shelter to its original state and you will need to win each item again. However, the animals you purchased will always be available.

How do I win the fashion competition?

All you need to do is use the items that the judges are asking for when you get to the corresponding stage of the competition.

How do I win the trampoline competition?

You must tap the button to inflate the trampoline in order to jump high enough to reach the prize.

How do I win the singing competition?

You need to sing loud and long enough to completely fill up the meter and unlock the prize.

How do I win the cannon competition?

Just slide your finger to aim the cannon at a hoop, then lift your finger to fire the pet out of the cannon. To fill up the meter and unlock the prize, the pet must fly through the hoops!