How to Play :

During a run, swipe left or right to change lanes. Tap to jump. Avoid obstacles and collect flower petals to help restore the Everbloom Tree. A petal meter is displayed along the top right of the screen. Fill the petal meter to complete a level. Along the top center of the screen, 3 hearts indicate how many hits your Guardian can take. There are also embers to collect during a run, which can be used in each Guardian's stable to unlock new items. An ember tally is displayed in the top right corner that indicates how many embers you've collected in the current run. 

Power-Ups :

During a run, you'll come across Power-Up coins that can be collected to activate each Guardian's unique special ability. Special abilities only last a few seconds and can help you collect more petals, more embers, or destroy obstacles in your path. When a Power-Up is active, a blue meter is displayed along the top right of the screen.

Embers and Stables :

Each Guardian has a unique stable that can be accessed by tapping a Guardian on the character selection screen. Embers are used in each Guardian's stable to unlock items in 4 different categories; food, brushes, decorations, and armor. Food and brushes are shared among all of the Guardians, so if you unlock a specific brush or food, it will be available to use in any of their stables. However, food is consumable, so once it's fed to a Guardian, you'll need to use your embers to unlock more. Armor and decorations are unique to each Guardian, offering custom items for each character.

Unlocking Stable Items :

To unlock a stable item, first swipe the wheel to select a category. Tap the item you want from the bottom tray. A confirmation window will offer a description of the item and display how many embers it requires to unlock. Tap the ember button to confirm. If you don't have enough embers for a particular item, you can tap the play button along the right side of the screen to go on a run and collect more. There is also the option to purchase an Ember Pack by tapping on the ember icon in the top right corner.

Achievements :

On the character selection screen, tap the trophy icon in the bottom right corner to access the Achievements menu. Achievements offer a number of different goals to accomplish that will award you with embers. When an Achievement is completed during a run, a notification pop up is displayed for a few seconds along the upper right of the screen. Once an Achievement is completed, visit the Achievements screen and tap the collect button to redeem it for embers.