How Do I Play?

Choose an Autobot to start your run with. Each run costs 1 Energon. If you are out of Energon, you can replenish them in the store or wait until the timer is over to get more.

To play, hold down the screen; release to pause. To control your character in vehicle mode, move your finger left & right. Your character converts automatically between robot and vehicle mode. In robot mode, the character will follow your finger in all directions.

The goal is to get a score high enough to reach the next Decepticon Boss and defeat him. To do so, you will have to navigate through civilian highways, attack Decepticon bases and get rid of any Decepticons that chase you.

I can’t reach the Decepticon Boss. What do I do? Or How do I get a higher score?

To reach a Decepticon boss you need to achieve a specific score. There are a few things you can do to help you reach that score:
- The longer you go in a run without taking any damage, the faster you will earn points. You can get a score multiplier of up to X10 if you go far without losing any health.

- In a run, make extra points by driving close to civilian cars without touching them. Earn other extra points by knocking down any of the small obstacle that have a little blue arrow above them.
- Upgrade your Autobots’ stats with Coins and then use Crystals to Evolve them to their next level. Each Evolution will make the character earn points faster and will also improve the value of the Coins you collect.

- When your character is defeated, call for backup to continue the run with another Autobot. You can call for backup if you have other Autobots unlocked. Each Autobot can only be used once per run.

How can I earn Coins & Crystals faster?

● Blast open the crates in the Decepticon bases to earn more Coins and even Crystals.
● Complete Missions & participate in events to earn extra Coins & Crystals.
● Upgrade your Autobots to get farther in a run.
● Evolve your Autobots. Depending on their evolution level, Coins picked up in game will be worth more.
● If you need more Crystals, you can go to the store to purchase more.
● If you can’t afford something in Coins, you could still tap on it to purchase it with Crystals instead.

What are Missions?

You have a maximum of 3 Missions available to you at any time. Various goals need to be reached to complete each Mission. You can see these goals & your progress in the Mission menu or on the paused screen of the game. Once you have completed the goals, you can collect the rewards associated to that Mission. These rewards can be Crystals, Coins and/or Energon. After you collect a Mission, a timer will start before you get a new Mission. You can skip the shortest new Mission timer by watching an ad.

How do events work?

To participate in an active event, make sure you are connected to the internet to start the event. The goal of the current event is described in the event menu and in the paused game screen. Each event has multiple tiers. The higher the tier, the more it takes to complete it but the bigger the payoff. When you complete a tier, you can collect the reward that it unlocks, once the event ends. Rewards for events can be Crystals, Coins, Energon or Boost Upgrades. Events last for a fixed amount of time. Get as far as you can in the event and try to collect all of its rewards!

How do boosts work?

Boosts help you in a run to get farther, earn more currency, become momentarily invulnerable, or make your blaster more powerful with various ammo modifiers. There are 8 Boosts available in the game. You can unlock them and Upgrade them by defeating Bosses. Events can also provide Boost Upgrades.