How do I play ?

Choose a puzzle station by scrolling left and right on the main menu and tapping the location you wish to visit. Next, choose a difficulty level.

Once the game starts, you will have to complete 3 mini-games before time runs out for each!

1.    For the first mini-game, pick up jigsaw pieces one by one and drag them to the correct place on the image.

2.    For the second mini-game, place your finger on the first number and drag the line in numerical order to connect all dots.

3.    For the final mini-game, use your fingers to scroll around the large image and find all the required objects. Once you've found an object, tap it to advance.

After completing all 3 mini-games in a difficulty level, you will win a Chuggington trading card to view in the My Rewards menu. It will also unlock the next difficulty level for that area.

Where can I see all the cards I've earned ?

Cards can be found by tapping the My Rewards icon in the main menu. Once in the album, you can see all the cards you've unlocked, as well as those you have yet to earn.