How Do I Play:

Choose a mission to complete and a Rescue Bot to assist you. Complete all the missions by rescuing citizens, out-running disasters, chasing enemies and avoiding obstacles!

Jump and Mega Jump: 

Use jumps to avoid obstacles, meteors, and attacks.
Swipe up once to jump over small obstacles and swipe up twice to perform a MEGA jump over larger obstacles.
You can perform jumps in Bot form and Dinobot form.

Morph from Bot to Vehicle: 

Swipe down to morph from Bot to Vehicle form. Swipe up while in Vehicle from to morph back to Bot form.
Remember when out-running disasters that your Vehicle form moves faster than your Bot form!

Spark Hearts: 

Your Bot will start every mission with three Spark Hearts.
Every time you take damage you will use a heart. If you use all three hearts you will have to start the mission over again.

Energon Crystals: 

Collect the pink Energon to morph into a Dinobot. The faster you collect Energon the sooner you will morph!

Dinobots and Special Abilities: 

The Dinobot form has special powers that stop you from getting hurt during your missions. 

Swipe forward to activate your special power and destroy all obstacles in your path!
Once the pink Energon bar along the bottom of the screen is empty you will morph back into Bot form.

Morbot King Missions:  

Defeat the Morbot King by out-running it! Every time it touches a giant crystal it gets weaker. Use jumps to avoid the drills and MEGA jumps to avoids the giant crystals.