How to start a fashion show?

In the boutique, tap the green button to access the list of styles. Select a style you want to play with. Select the level you want to play in the style that you selected.
Some styles only unlock after you win enough stars. If you wish to unlock the style before you earn enough stars, you can purchase the Early Access pass to that style.

What are fame stars?

You can win up to 3 fame stars by doing a fashion show. If you didn't get all the stars, you can replay the level to earn all 3. Fame stars unlock more fashion styles for you to play with.

What do I do during a fashion show?

Grant as many of Hello Kitty's wishes as you can before the time runs out. She will ask for colors, Sanrio Characters, or for types of clothing. Granting multiple wishes with one item fills the Frenzy bar.

What does Frenzy do?

By making enough wish combos you will fill the Frenzy bar & start Frenzy Mode. In Frenzy Mode, tap on Gems & Coins to collect bonuses. Watch out for the bombs!

What are Power Ups & how do I use them?

During a fashion show, power ups will sometimes appear instead of clothing items. They will give you an edge in your fashion show! Tap their icon to activate them.
There are 2 types of power ups. "Fashion Sense" will highlight the items to use to get a wish combo. "Slow-Mo" will slow down the timer for a few seconds.

How can I make my own looks?

If you want to assemble your own outfit, go to the boutique and open your closet. You can dress up the model and take a picture to save your outfit to your device!