1. Make sure you are connected to the internet

2. Make sure you are logged in to the same iCloud account that you were on the last time you played Everrun.

3. Install & launch your game. If it is already installed, quit the game and relaunch it.

4. Your progress & purchases should have been restored.


I did the above steps but my game is not restored, what went wrong?

If you were playing offline when you last played, the progress & purchases you made were not saved.

If you were not logged in to iCloud or if your iCloud was full, the progress & purchases you made were not saved.

If you deleted your saved progress from your iCloud, it is lost. However if you deleted it in the last 30 days it might be possible to restore it. On a browser of choice, visit iCloud.com & log in with your Apple ID & your password. Go to Settings > Advanced > Restore Files. If you see a file called “FILENAME” click Restore. If the file is not there, it is no longer on your iCloud & can’t be recovered.

If you were logged in with a different Apple ID last time you played online, you will need to log in with that Apple ID to recover your progress & purchases.

For any questions please contact us at support@budgestudios.ca